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bookshelf-catwalk series


Opposite worlds collide after a tragic accident and a chance encounter. Is it a twist of fate or a heartbreaking mistake?

In a world of glitz and excess, sizzling-hot Casi Roberts is the reigning queen. Swimsuit model by day and club girl by night, she floats through Los Angeles on the arm of her celebrity artist boyfriend, Alix Grey, documenting her fabulous life on social media. This illusion of perfection is shattered after an accident leaves her with physical scars, while emotional scars surface from her troubled past.

Casi’s tenuous relationship with her drug-addled mother, Sonya, continues to undermine her confidence as she struggles to find balance in a chaotic business obsessed with youth and beauty.

Ruggedly handsome, master craftsman, Kyle Jensen is cool, calm, and collected. He has built an enviable life in Blackberry Falls, WA, while keeping his troubled older brother, Jake, in line. After a passionate encounter with Casi, Kyle’s carefully crafted life begins to unravel making him question the plan he had for his future.

Can Casi step away from the spotlight and take a chance on love and explore new opportunities? Will Kyle risk his idyllic life to follow his heart? Do they dare to dream of a future together?


Happily ever after comes at asr=1-1teep price as past relationships and betrayal threaten to destroy a marriage.

Newlywed Casi Roberts struggles to find a balance between her career as a model, a failing business deal, and living between the quaint town of Blackberry Falls and the chaos of Los Angeles. Kyle Jensen questions his choice to follow his heart when everything he values is threatened and his new wife becomes a stranger.

Devastation, jealousy, and lies, force Casi and Kyle to focus on what they cherish and believe in each other. They soon learn true bonds cannot be broken while loyalty runs deep. Through faith and sacrifice, Casi learns who she can trust and whom she should fear. She navigates a new path, discovering the truest meaning of love and what is worth fighting for.

Family and friends suffer disturbing circumstances and devastating events forcing them to make difficult choices. When secrets from the past begin to surface, lies unravel and relationships are shattered.

Hope prevails when they learn to face their fears and open their hearts to the power of love.


Death, deception, and demons from the past, plague the idyllic union of Casi and Kyle.

Casi continues to polish her professional image and hone her business skills while focusing on the opportunities ahead. Determined to prove her worth beyond sizzling in a swimsuit, she leaves the superficial chaos of modeling behind. Unfortunately, money can’t buy happiness for her mother, Sonya, who refuses to abandon her tumultuous lifestyle and settle into the picture-perfect world Casi created.

Kyle reveals dark secrets from his youth he hoped would stay buried. Seeking forgiveness, he trusts his unfailing love for Casi to overcome the painful memories. He adjusts to the whirlwind pace of their new routine, pushing aside jealousy and insecurities to become the ideal husband, brother, and son. Jake continues to battle challenges and troubled relationships, but still fiercely protects his bond with his brother and supports Casi emotionally.

When Casi is blindsided by a tragedy, she is left reeling from the grief it causes as deception is unveiled. She realizes the secrets her family protected may only be the beginning of revelations from her childhood. She questions the validity of her relationships and must learn to trust again. She embarks on a journey of self-discovery, needing to move beyond the anguish of delusion that torments her.

Standing on the precipice of a brilliant future and the illusion of the past, can Casi step forward or will the haunting lies swallow her back into a realm that is familiar?


Small towns hide big secrets when mysteries unravel from beyond the grave.

Casi returns her mother’s ashes to her hometown in northern Canada to finally put her to rest. What she discovers is an unnerving and deadly coverup from her childhood. She searches for solace with Kyle by her side and is protected by old friends, igniting romantic interest and reuniting relationships.

Kyle wrestles with guilt from his past, revealing the truth behind his nightmares. Casi plans a trip through Europe to help him find closure and honor commitments.

When a dark secret erupts, Casi becomes a target of conspiracy and threats. She reacts impulsively, setting severe consequences in motion. Mary and Ava step in, forced to break pacts and divulge truths kept hidden for decades. From Northern Canada through Europe, revelations threaten families and unearth mysteries which were better left buried. Will the knowledge from a hidden journal destroy the lives of Casi and Kyle or can they choose their own destiny?


Dreams are shattered. Bonds are broken. Deception creates chaos and doubt. Will relationships withstand the crush of betrayal when the truth is discovered?

A summer wedding promises love and opportunity while an autumn union brings misery and distrust. When lives intertwine, and an affair is uncovered prompted by a malicious motive, Kyle and Casi attempt to rise above the drama, desperate to preserve their unique bond.

Casi falls victim to a trauma that crushes her confidence as she is forced to keep secrets and defend the people she loves. As lies unravel, she is pressured to reveal the truth. Overwhelmed by the circumstances and convinced they are each responsible for the treacherous outcome, one brother goes off the rails while the other is caught between loyalty and love.Will the belief in always and forever be enough to protect Casi’s and Kyle’s marriage or will harsh circumstances finally overcome their faith?

The final book in the Catwalk Series finishes with shocking revelations and a triumphant conclusion.