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Bookshelf-cookbook companions

The Cookbook Companions pair chapter highlights from each book with delicious recipes used in the book. Cooking methods introduce regional and international recipes from pancakes to homemade pasta.

TASTE was created to highlight the eclectic and engaging characters from DREAM, the beginning of the epic Contemporary Fiction saga. TASTE features the glamorous world of modelling life in Los Angeles in contrast to the small-town values of the Pacific Northwest as the Canadian heroine, Casi, struggles to find meaning in love and life.

Cooking is a unique way for the characters to express themselves by preparing meals together, and dining at fancy restaurants. The cookbooks are a natural transition to introduce the large cast with a unique culinary flair.

TIPSY follows the story line of HOPE, the second book in the CATWALK Series. Heartbreaking choices and fighting to keep love alive while struggling with monumental situations. The theme for the cookbook is cocktails and appetizers with bite-sized desserts. Regional and international recipes shine in this collection of incredible mixed drinks and party favorites.

This go-to guide for special occasions and party planning contains quick and easy appetizers, pro party tips, and bar essentials. The chapter highlights pair with each dish to reveal the story and the evolution of the relationships.

Gourmet recipes from the Northwest through Canada will provide inspiration for Happy Hour, cocktail parties, and epic book club gatherings.

TWIST is an eclectic collection of recipes inspired by a Mexican Riviera Cruise vacation in TRUST. Chapter highlights are paired with tasty appetizers, sizzling entrees, indulgent desserts, plus an array of cocktails with South of the Border flair.

Mexican cuisine is infused with Northwest ingredients and unique combinations to create an epic gourmet journey. Creative main dishes (Oaxacan Black Mole), soups (Street Corn Chowder), sides (Tequila-Lime Asparagus), and desserts (Margarita Cheesecake) are paired with chapter highlights from TRUST , the pivotal third book of the series.

Gourmet recipes from Mexico throught the PNW will provide inspiration for special occasions, cocktail parties, and epic book club

TEMPT features unique recipes paired with the psychologically gripping story of SEEK, the fourth book in the Catwalk Series. The epic saga reveals heartbreaking backstories, dark secrets, and harrowing triumphs.

Chapter highlights are combined with advanced recipes and skillful techniques for tempting treats from Canada (Crumpets with Pub Cheese) to sweet and savory delicacies from Scandinavia (Suksesskake), Russia (Russian Honey Cake), Germany (Schnecken), Italy (Crostata Di Ricotta), and France (Macarons). Regional and international travel and contributions from guest chefs inspired this unique collection of recipes to complement the epic journey through Europe and Scandinavia in SEEK and add to any special occasion or book club gathering.

The fifth book complements LOVE with chapter highlights revealing stunning twists and incredible resolutions to the eclectic character stories

TOAST is set in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with regional recipes from the area including the seaside fare of the islands of British Columbia, Canada.

The epic final novel pairs each chapter with an exquisite recipe from the newly opened Blackberry Falls Resort and the flavors of the Salish Sea. Special occasion and party planning cuisine will elevate any gathering with friends and family into a celebration.