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Love Triumphs Despite Tragedy and Jealousy

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Dreams are shattered. Bonds are broken. Deception creates chaos and doubt. Will relationships withstand the crush of betrayal when the truth is discovered?

A summer wedding promises love and opportunity while an autumn union brings misery and distrust. When lives intertwine, and an affair is uncovered prompted by a malicious motive, Kyle and Casi attempt to rise above the drama, desperate to preserve their unique bond.

Casi falls victim to a trauma that crushes her confidence as she is forced to keep secrets and defend the people she loves. As lies unravel, she is pressured to reveal the truth. Overwhelmed by the circumstances and convinced they are each responsible for the treacherous outcome, one brother goes off the rails while the other is caught between loyalty and love.Will the belief in always and forever be enough to protect Casi’s and Kyle’s marriage or will harsh circumstances finally overcome their faith?

The final book in the Catwalk Series finishes with shocking revelations and a triumphant conclusion.