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Trust Without Limits and Love Beyond Loss

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Death, deception, and demons from the past, plague the idyllic union of Casi and Kyle.

Casi continues to polish her professional image and hone her business skills while focusing on the opportunities ahead. Determined to prove her worth beyond sizzling in a swimsuit, she leaves the superficial chaos of modeling behind. Unfortunately, money can’t buy happiness for her mother, Sonya, who refuses to abandon her tumultuous lifestyle and settle into the picture-perfect world Casi created.

Kyle reveals dark secrets from his youth he hoped would stay buried. Seeking forgiveness, he trusts his unfailing love for Casi to overcome the painful memories. He adjusts to the whirlwind pace of their new routine, pushing aside jealousy and insecurities to become the ideal husband, brother, and son. Jake continues to battle challenges and troubled relationships, but still fiercely protects his bond with his brother and supports Casi emotionally.

When Casi is blindsided by a tragedy, she is left reeling from the grief it causes as deception is unveiled. She realizes the secrets her family protected may only be the beginning of revelations from her childhood. She questions the validity of her relationships and must learn to trust again. She embarks on a journey of self-discovery, needing to move beyond the anguish of delusion that torments her.

Standing on the precipice of a brilliant future and the illusion of the past, can Casi step forward or will the haunting lies swallow her back into a realm that is familiar?