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DREAM story

Dream introduces the cast of characters and the relationship developing between Casi and Kyle. It layers the superficial world of modeling with the lifestyle of a small-town man, creating challenges and pitfalls.

Chapter 1: Backstage
 “Three minutes, girls!” belted the overbearing Mary Anderson, more lovingly referred to as Mother Mary, by the models of Beyond Modeling Agency. A dark-skinned, plump woman, of indeterminate age, suspected to be in her fifties, she bustled around the designer showcase preparing them for the catwalk. With the efficiency of a drill sergeant and the tenderness of a mother, Mary consistently produced a bobby pin or tissue, ready to wipe a tear or redirect a negative attitude.

A dozen years earlier, a fresh-faced and shaky-kneed Casi Roberts stumbled down the catwalk in poorly fitted six-inch heels. As a vigilant protector of young women,  Mary intervened, preserving Casi’s innocence as she stiffly posed for a cheeky photographer with intentions beyond capturing the latest fashion with his Nikon. With stars in their eyes, new arrivals assumed they became celebrities as they attended after-parties and clicked with the ‘crew’ which frequented the newest nightclubs and celebrity affairs. They posted detailed accounts on Facebook and Instagram, as if the ‘likes’ verified their success.