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BEHIND THE scenes – story


The Catwalk series was inspired by the exciting but perilous world of modeling in Los Angeles. Wanting to give a voice to additional characters and in response to a ‘What next?’ story line, Catwalk expanded to a five-part series. The stories encompass a deep examination of characters struggling to find meaning in life and love.
Dream introduces the cast of characters and the relationship developing between Casi and Kyle. It layers the superficial world of modeling with the lifestyle of a small-town man, creating challenges and pitfalls.


Three minutes, girls!” belted the overbearing Mary Anderson, more lovingly referred to as Mother Mary, by the models of Beyond Modeling Agency. A dark-skinned, plump woman, of indeterminate age, suspected to be in her fifties, she bustled around the designer showcase preparing them for the catwalk. With the efficiency of a drill sergeant and the tenderness of a mother, Mary consistently produced a bobby pin or tissue, ready to wipe a tear or redirect a negative attitude.