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Malibu is a beach city in the Santa Monica Mountains region of Los Angeles County, California, situated about 30 miles west of Downtown Los Angeles. It is known for its Mediterranean climate and its 21-mile strip of the Malibu coast, incorporated in 1991 into the City of Malibu. The exclusive Malibu Colony has been historically home to Hollywood celebrities. People in the entertainment industry and other affluent residents live throughout the city, yet many residents are middle class. Most Malibu residents live from a half-mile to within a few hundred yards of Pacific Coast Highway (PCH – State Route 1), which traverses the city, with some residents living up to one mile away from the beach up narrow canyons. Wikipedia

Chapter 5: Life’s A Beach
Casi booked a swimsuit editorial in Malibu for the end of the week. Dylan offered to drive, and she readily accepted, looking forward to the road trip. His car was crappy and in need of new tires, and the air conditioner or heater never worked depending on the weather. Curling irons, hair dryers, and other hair paraphernalia needed to be moved from the seats. A free ride and spending time with Dylan, laughing and eating junk food, cinched the deal. Casi didn’t own a car, finding the LA traffic insane, plus the nightmare of parking. She liked taking the train, taxi, or Uber, and walking was good exercise.

Casi finished packing her day bag and threw in Twizzlers and Ketchup chips sent in a package from her father. She anticipated the trip and the familiarity of the sand beneath her feet. March was the ideal temperature for her, and it would be nice to escape the smog and suffocating throng of people. The swimwear company rented a sprawling mansion on a cliff, overlooking the ocean. It featured a private beach, accessed by what appeared to be a terrifyingly steep staircase. She assumed she would be posing amongst the large boulders, staggered along the waterfront. Only a few girls were scheduled for the layout, which made her happy. She detested standing around waiting while some newbie tried to grasp how to appear sexy while attempting not to face-plant into the water. Casi surmised her childhood swimming in frigid water in the lakes of Canada gave her an advantage over the models from warmer climates.